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Clinical Nutritionist - Shweta Sharma
*Founder & Head Nutritionist = Shweta Sharma.

About Us

Restore your relationship with food , your body and yourself
Established by highly reputed professional nutritionist Shweta Sharma, Indian Nutritionist is a fully web-based platform offering online health coaching and consultant nutritionist services. Our focus is to bring our expert-led wellness plans closer to people, especially those who cannot visit a clinic due to mobility issues. Based in Chandigarh, we work with registered dietitians and consultant nutritionists and cater to individuals and groups all over India with dedicated support.
While providing one-to-one diet & nutritionist consultation online for fully customised meal plans, we extend our approach to gain total body and mind wellness for our clients. Each plan is designed according to your medical conditions and unique dietary needs.
We specialise in PCOS/PCOD, thyroid and diabetes management. However, our constant endeavour is to help more and more people benefit from our all-in-one nutritionist solutions for several other conditions that can be managed with diet and nutrition.
Take the first step towards a healthier you by scheduling an online dietitian consultation with our nutritionists today. Unlock the true potential of your fitness as you embrace a transformative journey towards a healthy life.

Primary Health Plans We Offer

PCOS/PCOD, Diabetes, Thyroid and Obesity— these are the primary conditions for which we offer dietician & nutritionist consultation online. We are addressing specific medical issues where the primary treatment heavily relies on actionable diet and lifestyle management.
Our health plans for improved diet and nutrition are not all about food but are end-to-end wellness strategies implemented by our specialist online health coach through repeated lifestyle interventions. With our evidence-based approach and ongoing support, we open up the potential for our clients to make lasting lifestyle changes for better health outcomes and enhanced quality of life.
Weight Management Plan

Weight Loss Plan

Obesity and excessive body fat pose an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes and often become a hurdle for you to enjoy your life truly. Different reasons for weight gain call for tailored diet & nutrition plans. PCOS/PCOD, childbirth, thyroid, stress, and diabetes are some of the prominent considerations. Meal plans for weight loss should not be all about “calorie counting” and “portion control," but also about progressive nutrition and health benefits. Discover the most appropriate weight-loss diet plan according to your health condition and comfort. Weight loss is a progressive lifestyle and as your weight changes, it is more effective to make small dietary changes to keep going. Having a professional nutrition coach by your side makes it easier and faster to swap foods methodically. If your meal plan is too strict and only includes a few items, you will miss out on other foods' nutritional value. Take your balanced diet as a permanent lifestyle. It will lead to permanent results.


PCOS/PCOD Management Plan

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS/PCOD) is a common metabolic disorder in reproductive women where fluid-filled sacs develop in the ovaries, causing several complications like infertility, irregular periods, and insulin resistance, to name a few. Gaining weight is the most hazardous symptom that changes your body. Diet and lifestyle management are the primary means to manage the symptoms of the otherwise incurable disease. The PCOS management plans we offer are designed by certified PCOS dieticians and holistic nutritionists. Our focus is to enhance the quality of life in PCOS patients by providing long-term guidance through dietitian online consultations. Even though men cannot develop this disease since they don’t have ovaries, there are male equivalents of the problem as well. Hormonal and metabolic fluctuations may also lead to PCOS-like symptoms in men, notably weight gain, anxiety, and insulin resistance. We can help them too.

Thyroid Meal Plan

Thyroid Management Plan

It is the most common myth that if you have thyroid issues, you must never eat cabbage. Or any cruciferous vegetables! We beg to differ. Completely cutting the vegetables might be good for your thyroid, but it also means you’ll miss out on the nutritional values that are good for your other organs. We have partnered with highly experienced thyroid nutritionists to design a personalised diet plan based on your thyroid profile. We carefully manage hyperthyroid conditions, empowering you to regain control and improve your overall well-being. There may be variations, like Hashimoto's thyroiditis, goitre, and Graves’ disease, which may take a toll on your overall health, other than weight-related complications. Our dietician consultants can give you a healthier lifestyle with better meal plans on a daily, weekly and monthly basis for managed nutrition that reduces your thyroid symptoms while keeping you healthy and happy.

Diabetes Management Meal Plan

Diabetes Management Plan

If you think that just because you are diabetic, your sweet cravings have no place in your life anymore, then you are wrong. Be aware that many non-sweet foods can increase sugar levels too. With a conscious meal plan, it is possible to make room for a sweet treat once in a while. It will take very cautious tracking and monitoring of your blood sugar levels. The best benefits of our online dietitian consultation for diabetes patients in India are that it is supplemented with continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and evidence-based healthy eating plans. Have maximum efficacy and precision for blood sugar control with the help of our multidisciplinary online health coach for diabetes management. Experience how our progressive and interactive care addresses your daily needs for both short-term and long-term periods and helps you achieve your lifestyle targets for living with hypoglycemia, which makes your life a lot sweeter.

How Our Online Dietician & Nutrition Counselling Works

The conventional concept is that you must see a doctor or medical professional in person to consult about your health. On the other hand, Indian Nutritionist, an online dietician consultation service in India, customises your meal plans to suit your needs without requiring face-to-face consultation. So before we get to the part about “how it works,” let’s just make sure that online dietitian consultation works in the first place.
We collaborate with highly accredited online nutritionist Shweta Sharma and her entourage of registered dieticians, holistic nutritionists, and specialist online health coaches, each holding prestigious track records for transforming the lives of hundreds of patients. With an organised approach, we intend to bring the convenience of one-touch accessibility to professional nutritionist consultations online.

Our Approach

Keto. Vegetarian. Vegan. Intermediate. DASH. Paleo. All these fancy names for different types of diets have one thing in common — they must be customised for individuals’ needs.
We aim to highlight our “organised approach” to dietitian online consultation. The best thing about Indian Nutritionist’s process is that it is not designed by a machine or driven by artificial intelligence based on generalised data. We capitalise on direct communication and evidence-based progress while customising diet & nutrition plans.
Just because we offer online dietician and nutrition counselling services doesn’t mean we stop short on meal plans alone. We can also collaborate with your doctor and other healthcare professionals, getting down to strategizing practical lifestyle management.
We will appoint a personal nutrition coach or an online health coach for you. The professionals will work closely with you. Considering your daily routine, medicine time, therapy schedules and exercise regimes, your virtual diet counsellor will supplement you with the most appropriate food for specific times. We will prepare a workable grocery list, healthy food recipes and health monitoring kits to get you fully prepared before you start your diet.
Our past clients are living examples of how our approach truly works and proves our efficacy in managing long-term health issues. We can do this for you, too. Contact us to know more about how we can help you.
organised approach to dietitian online consultation

Comprehensive Health Plans You Get From Our Online Dietitian

We started off providing online dietitian consultations primarily for thyroid, diabetes, and PCOS/PCOD patients. Over time, we have also ventured into other conditions where our online health coaches have proven effective for many people to achieve a complete lifestyle transformation.
Now we also address conditions like post-pregnancy weight gain, high blood pressure, stress management and many others. Our dietician consultants work in the areas of regulating blood sugar levels, lipid profiles, hormonal balance, and many other parameters to improve your well-being more holistically.
tailored weight loss diet

Weight Gain Plan

Are you underweight? Do you always lose your appetite? If you are looking to build body mass and strength, our nutrition counsellor can help you with a personalised diet plan to gain a healthy weight. Get tailored nutrition guidance and build a stronger, more confident you.

Diet plan by certified nutritionist

Lifestyle Management Plan

Good food habits inspire a good life. But it doesn’t fix all your health needs. Let your online diet counsellor offer guidelines for food, exercise, sleep, relaxation, and recreational needs—tailored strategies to embrace positive changes and enhance your overall lifestyle.

post pregnancy plan

Post Pregnancy Plan

Postpartum fatigue, hormonal fluctuations, disturbed sleep and many other elements cause weight gain, stress, and lifestyle changes after childbirth. With a consultant nutritionist available on demand, you can get comprehensive wellness plans and enjoy motherhood.

blood pressure checks & balancing

High/Low BP Plan

Personalised plans for the DASH diet and low-blood pressure management is offered by registered dietitians and holistic nutritionists for different age groups. We will collaborate with your doctors and offer strategic foods compatible with your medications and wellness goals .

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Client Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

Indian Nutritionist offers online dietitian consultation and online health coaching services for Indian clients. We mean for you to make a completely learned and mindful decision when you choose our diet and nutrition counselling and come on board with us. Here we have lined up some of the most frequently asked questions about our services and our answers to go with them.
At Indian Nutritionist, we have gained a solid track record where our existing clients have found our online dietician and nutrition counsellor services highly “effective.” It is more readily accessible and less costly than seeing a dietician in person. However, we need you to be aware that at a certain point, even we would recommend you see a doctor in person to carry on with the prognosis.
A registered dietitian is considered a medical professional. Even though we have deep knowledge of managing health issues like hypothyroidism, diabetes and PCOS with dietary and lifestyle management, your consultant nutritionist cannot substitute for doctor appointments, as in general medicine.
We are offering very flexible scheduling options for dietitian online consultations for existing clients to reach out to their nutrition coach. If you are enquiring for the first time, then feel free to call us between 9 AM - 7 PM, Monday - Thursday and 9 AM - 5 PM on Fridays.
Yes, you can. As our nutrition counsellor offers you completely personalised meal plans, the recommendations are 100% customisable. You can always ask for changes. Whether you don’t like certain foods, whether they are not available in your location, or whether they are becoming too expensive for you to continue with, we will try to find more appropriate alternatives for a better solution.
You need to prepare yourself for a long journey. As much as we make it the utmost comfortable, you have to share with us your medical history and latest reports. We need this information to create the most holistic diet plan for you.

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