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Natural Diet Planning

By Our Diabetes Nutritionist

Are you tired of feeling like your blood sugar levels are out of control? The good news is that managing diabetes with a diet plan is possible. All you require is a disciplined lifestyle, which includes a proper diet and informed food choices. Consult our qualified diabetes nutritionist for a personalised diabetes management plan and be in control of your condition. Tap into our expertise to understand how your consumption choices can have an impact on your blood sugar levels and overall health.
Your Custom Diet Consultant in Pune-Shweta Sharma

Experience Holistic Care


Diabetes, as everyone visualises, is a chronic health condition influenced by diet, stress, sleep patterns, mental health and social support. Only a holistic approach by a diabetes consultant can help manage blood sugar levels and reverse them. Here is how we improve the quality of life of our clients to arrive at positive health outcomes, leaving them empowered:
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Health History

A diabetes nutritionist requires a detailed health history of a client to craft an individualised diabetes management plan. Indian Nutritionist delves into patient history to identify the type, get familiar with the risk factors, review medications, assess lifestyle habits and explore potential triggers. So, if you find us questioning you about your activity levels, prevalence of heart disease, sleep patterns and cultural backdrop, do not be surprised. It’s just a part of the process to guide you better when the matter concerns blood sugar management, eating habits and portion control.

Guidance on Fitness and Yoga

Guidance on Fitness and Yoga

Since nutrition and fitness work in harmony, focusing on one without the other will be futile. At Indian Nutritionist, we acknowledge the interplay between the two. Expect our diabetes nutritionist to advise you on ways to fuel your body for yoga and fitness routines. We explain the significance of committing oneself to workout regimes for effective blood sugar control, weight management and overall health maintenance. We often suggest low-impact exercises to our clients to bring blood sugar levels under control. With us, you have someone to monitor how the former is impacting the latter. Based on the information, we can adjust your meal plans.

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Comprehensive Support

Managing diabetes with a diet plan is not the sole aspect that we cover. We go beyond evaluating the lifestyle, habits and health histories of individuals. Based on it, we help set realistic goals, develop healthy eating habits, motivate clients, and suggest enjoyable meal plans that never trigger food allergies. In short, we are reliable partners with whom you can take the health journey and empower yourself with informed dietary choices. Meet your personal wellness goals with us.

Our 1:1 coaching sessions aim at facilitating people to live the life they have always dreamed of, despite their chronic condition. Whether it’s about reviewing your health history, discussing your dietary habits, setting individualised goals, or understanding your lifestyle, our diabetes dietitians cover everything. We also provide post-consultation servicing.

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Personalised Nutritional Guidance

Did you know that your dietary needs and preferences are unlike others? A one-size-fits-all approach may fail to have an impact on your health. Have faith in our diabetes consultant. We assess your present lifestyle, dietary preferences and individualised diabetes management goals to tailor your online diet plan. Based on the information gathered along with your blood glucose levels, gender, age and insulin therapy (if any), you can structure a nutrition plan. Achieve blood sugar level stabilisation, a positive change in your eating habits and essential nutrients restored in your body with us by your side.

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Lifestyle Modifications

It’s no secret that diabetes is a lifestyle disease. At Indian Nutritionist, we believe the only way to tackle the condition is by attacking two of its basic tenets: appropriate exercise and mindful meditation. We play an active role in encouraging physical activity and improving insulin sensitivity. As a consultant diabetologist and nutritionist, Shweta Sharma goes the extra mile to share with you weight management strategies as part of holistic approach. Connect with us today to embrace healthy eating patterns for a balanced nutrition intake. Also, learn stress management techniques from us to stabilise your blood sugar levels.

Patient Education

Patient Education

A diabetes consultant believes that lifestyle disease requires ongoing support and education. Since our role is exactly that, we educate all our clients about diabetes and keep them updated with the newest nutritional guidance. Explore treatment choices with us and modify your lifestyle with every step. In other words, we are with you from the moment it is diagnosed until you reverse the condition. Expect nothing short of long-term support from Indian Nutritionist.

What you get

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

CGM is significant for individuals suffering from diabetes. At Indian Nutritionist, our diabetes nutritionists record long-term blood glucose readings of our clients and monitor their blood sugar levels in real-time to personalise a nutritionist diet for diabetes patients, determine meal timing, and recommend the type and intensity of physical activity they must be involved in. The objective is simple: to prevent hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia from setting in. Under our diabetes management plan, you can experience a revolutionised change in your health.

Carbohydrate Counting

Carbohydrate Counting

Carbohydrate counting is said to stabilise blood sugar levels, govern the right insulin dosage and aid in managing body weight by keeping you in control of your food portion. The ideal intake of carbohydrates for people diagnosed with type 1 diabetes should be anything between 150-250 g. Expect our diabetes consultant, Shweta Sharma to guide you on ways to even it out throughout the day for better management of blood sugar levels. Our team will also look into your meal planning and carbohydrate counting. Experience an in-depth treatment procedure to help you pursue a stress-free life. Let us provide an enlightened approach based on practical evidence and incidents towards long-term relief from diabetes.

Result-Oriented Diet

Result-Oriented Diet

Decode a perfect dietary regime designed and created for maximum results by our prediabetes nutritionists and consultant diabetologists. Get your personal coach to curate a personalised lifestyle and diet plan to improve insulin sensitivity and better manage your blood sugar levels. Expect us to explore beyond calorie counting and fad restrictions to achieve realistic and measurable goals. We guarantee long-term success with a personalised approach. Since it’s a collaborative effort, we all insist on working closely with our diabetes management specialists. Together, let us help you control your blood sugar levels, manage your weight and improve your energy levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

The professional discusses various nutrition approaches to managing diabetes. Expect any or all of them: simplified meal plans, carbohydrate counting, behaviour strategies and healthy food choices. At Indian Nutritionist, we are renowned for managing diabetes without medication. For more details, contact us. You may also start with a health test conducted by us!
Since carbohydrates accompany added sugars and refined grains, a diabetes dietitian recommends those procured from beans, fruits, whole grains, low-fat milk and vegetables to manage diabetes. Likewise, know what is needed to control blood sugar levels. Customise your diabetes meal plan with Indian Nutritionist for better health outcomes.
As per the records of Public Health Degrees, dietitians are mostly Registered Dietitians (RDs). They are more educated and have better credentials than nutritionists. The former undergoes standardised training and provides more specialised services. However, both professionals are focused on improving the health of their clients through customised online diet plans. It can also be offline.
A prediabetes nutritionist tailors meal plans. For instance, the professional recommends a low-fat approach for patients suffering from high cholesterol. Likewise, the specialist suggests a meal plan with lower carbohydrates for patients with high A1C to benefit.

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