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We welcome you all to Indian Nutritionist, an online destination led by seasoned dietitians in Bengaluru, offering expert consultation on nutrition plans to meet your goals of a healthier lifestyle. We emphasise a holistic methodology for natural diet planning and never encourage supplements. Taking our consultation can help you draw nutrients from a balanced diet—a source of vitamins, minerals and other healthy compounds.

Dietitian in Bangalore

What Makes Shweta Sharma a Good Nutritionist in Bangalore?

The Indian audience is a victim of several myths. We are here to debunk them and influence your health and diet profile. With us working as your nutrition consultant in Bangalore, you are assured of an effective weight loss plan, proper PCOS/PCOD management and control over thyroid and diabetic conditions. We are not a calorie police and are strictly against extreme dieting to lose weight. We are different, and the following states why:

Tailored diet plans

In Bangalore, a dietitian believes a restrictive diet and drastic lifestyle changes hardly work. Through our one-on-one sessions, we assess the factors that rarely make a difference to your diet and replace them with realistic ones. Expect a strong foundation for achieving good health in the years to come.

Manage chronic health challenges

A poor diet plan often fails to manage thyroid, diabetes, weight gain and PCOD/ PCOD. Shweta Sharma and her team of experienced nutritionists work together to address these issues by crafting a diet plan with the right balance of nutrients. We consider the patient’s medical history, sensitivity and mental well-being while crafting one.

Post-consultation servicing and counselling

We are here to provide continued support to our clients to achieve long-term health goals. We follow up with scheduled check-ins to motivate them to stay in sync with their dietary plans. Since facilitating these changes requires behavioural support, our nutritionists provide strategies for clients to overcome the obstacles.

Navigate you through health changes

Health changes due to pregnancies, diabetes, and other conditions can occur at any time as we proceed through life. Our nutrition counselling considers these body shifts and ageing to ensure the food you consume fuels the body.

Shweta Sharma a Good Nutritionist in Bangalore

What is in Store for Clients Consulting

The Best Nutritionist and Dietitian in Bangalore?

With life getting busy for all, people invest in everything but health. It’s no wonder why diabetes, PCOS/ PCOD, thyroid and others have evolved! It’s high time you addressed them in the most natural way possible—a personalised nutrition plan without supplements but emphasising nutrient-packed foods for optimal health benefits. Get in touch with Indian Nutritionist in Bangalore and bid adieu to hospital bills and medications. We ensure you lead a healthy life through our well-structured programme.
Here is how you could benefit:
Flexible Nutrition Plans

Flexible Nutrition Plans

Keto and carb cycling have adverse side effects like constipation, dehydration, fatigue and hair loss without the guidance of a dietitian. We customise our nutrition plans and provide expert assistance for you to draw health benefits from a custom diet plan.

Expert Opinion to Customise Plans

Expert Opinion to Customise Plans

Looking to level up your fitness with proper eating habits for a stronger core? We can be your nutrition consultants in Bangalore. Depending on your preferences and restrictions, we will customise your diet plan for you to become fitter than before.

Customised Diet Plans

Customised Diet Plans

Your current diet plan may be lacking the right fruits and vegetables. Fret not if you are in talks with Shweta Sharma. We can restore your health and liberate you from allergies and diseases through a natural diet plan loaded with wholesome foods and essential nutrients.

Guidance on Fitness and Yoga

Guidance on Fitness and Yoga

Nutrition alone is never enough. It is powered by movement. Indian Nutritionist tailors fitness plans to include pranayama and asanas in your daily routine to burn extra calories and boost metabolism. Learn the right techniques from us to maximise your benefits from our fitness and diet plans.

Services we provide

Weight Management Plan

Weight Loss Plan

Discover the ultimate weight loss diet plan tailored specifically for you. We’ll guide you through a customized diet plan for effective weight loss. Embrace nutritious meals, portion control, and achieve your weight loss goals with confidence. Begin your journey to a healthier you today!


PCOS/PCOD Management Plan

Discover effective PCOS/PCOD management with our specialized PCOS Dietician. Our personalized PCOS management plans are designed to address your unique needs, providing guidance for improved symptoms, hormonal balance, and overall well-being. Take control of your health today.

Thyroid Meal Plan

Thyroid Management Plan

Experience optimal thyroid health with our personalized diet plan. Our Thyroid Management Plan offers expert guidance for managing thyroid conditions, empowering you to regain control and improve your overall well-being. Trust our specialized assistance for a healthier, balanced life.

Diabetes Management Meal Plan

Diabetes Management Plan

Discover effective diabetes management with our tailored Healthy Eating Plan. Our Diabetes Management Plan provides personalized guidance for balanced nutrition blood sugar control, and overall well-being. Empower yourself to take control of your health and live a fulfilling life with our expert assistance.

More Services

tailored weight loss diet

Weight Gain Plan

Achieve your weight gain goals with Indian Nutritionist. Our personalized plan includes comprehensive diet counseling to help you gain a healthy weight. Unlock your body's potential with tailored nutrition guidance and build a stronger, more confident you. Begin your weight gain journey today!

Diet plan by certified nutritionist

Lifestyle Management Plan

Transform your lifestyle with our Indian Nutritionist's expert guidance. Our personalized nutritional consultations and tailored strategies empower you to enhance your overall health. Embrace positive changes and unlock a healthier, more fulfilling life. Take the first step towards a balanced and vibrant lifestyle today!

post pregnancy plan

Post Pregnancy Plan

Nurture your body post-pregnancy with Indian Nutritionist. Our specialized plan includes a comprehensive diet plan tailored to your needs. Regain strength, replenish vital nutrients, and support your postpartum journey. Empower yourself with expert guidance for a healthier, happier you. Kickstart your journey now!

blood pressure checks & balancing

Blood Pressure

Manage your blood pressure with the guidance of Indian Nutritionist. Our approach features a tailored diet plan to support optimal blood pressure levels. Embrace the power of nutritious eating, personalized guidance, and take control of your cardiovascular health. Start your balanced blood pressure journey today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Look for someone with exceptional listening skills and someone who considers the fitness goals, likes and dislikes of clients. At Indian Nutritionist, establish a connection with a famous dietitian in Bangalore, Shweta Sharma. We are all ears over a conference, WhatsApp, or video call.
Of course, a trained and experienced nutritionist can help you reach your fitness goals. At Indian Nutritionist, Shweta Sharma often advises on personalised plans by taking the health status, lifestyle and individual requirements into account.
While health problems like diabetes, PCOS/PCOD, or thyroid disease provide reasons enough to seek professional help, it might not be necessarily so. You may seek the services of a nutritionist to check whether your eating habits and diet are contributing to your overall health.
Many confuse dietitians with doctors, but in reality, it’s not so. No matter how good a dietitian in Bangalore is, the person will be considered a healthcare professional with four years of a Bachelor’s degree. The individual specialises in designing meal plans for people to meet their health and nutritional requirements. The prefix ‘doctor’ applies only after completing a PhD in a particular subject.
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